Dragoman & Asociatii

Sapiens omnia agit cum consilio

About us

Our law firm has been set up in 1999 and from 2005 it became a partnership. Dragoman & Associates is a member of Bucharest Bar. Our partners have an aggregate experience of over 35 years in the legal field.

In our view, every client deserves the best legal services in what concerns their professional level, timing and utility.

The principles that are guiding us are the loyalty towards the client as well as the diligence, responsibility and determination in solving their problems. Confidentiality over clients’ information is a top priority for us as well.


We believe that certain aspects are in particular defining us:

- We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes - meaning we try to solve every client’s issue as if it where ours;

- We do NOT have a theoretical approach, but a practical one, to the benefit of the client

- we look for the most suitable approach for solving each issue, taking into consideration the whole complexity of the situation, from the actual circumstances, time and costs considerations to the envisaged outcome;

- ALWAYS, our approach to the client is honest and sincere - among other aspects, we will inform about potential risks, contingencies or downsides of an envisaged action or step, making sure our legal advice will be accurate and complete for the client;


- We are creative - this will never mean we will find ways around the law, but rather we will find feasible solutions to problems that apparently cannot be solved, as well as “out of the box” solutions to long lasting problems;

- We are used to provide legal advice and solve legal problems within a multidisciplinary environment - we strongly believe that a legal opinion or advice must take into consideration all aspects involved, of whatever nature (i.e. technical, accounting, tax, etc.), by liaising with experts or professionals from other areas of expertise (i.e. engineers, accountants, etc.).